Thursday, July 31, 2014

New User Interface

Timetonote's user interface has been updated recently to a new more modern look and feel. The new user interface is cleaner and more similar to Gmail's interface, something that Timetonote's users are already familiar with.

Here are some of the most important changes to the user interface:

The main navigation tab has been moved to the top with only the most common actions being kept as default. The rest of the actions have been moved to their corresponding pages to reduce clutter.

The "Dashboard", "Contacts", "Tasks" and "Projects" pages all have now a filters column in the left side bar which enable you to easily filter the data in the lists by user, label, type or by searching.

You can now scroll through all the lists while having all the navigation and filter options locked in place and still visible. Selecting one or more items in these lists will display all the options available in the bar above the lists, like apply labels, delete, merge, etc.

One great new feature, included in this update, is the count number for all the contacts and projects displayed in the lists near the page navigation buttons.

The contact and project pages have also been improved to the same look and feel. With more screen space being allocated to the history and tasks lists on the right side bar.

Also, the "Settings" and "Account" have been moved under the user icon button on the top right corner.