Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gmail Gadget Updates

The Timetonote Gmail Gadget has just been updated. The new Gmail Gadget comes with a redesigned user interface, a "Save email" button and a "Save contact" button.

To use the Timetonote Gmail gadget you must add Timetonote to your Google Apps domain. If you have already added Timetonote to your Google Apps domain you must grant Timetonote new data access rights on your Google Apps Domain Management page.

Another requirement for the new gadget is that you have IMAP enabled for your Google Apps domain users. You can read more on how to enable IMAP here.

Saving Emails in Timetonote

The new gadget makes it a lot easier to save emails in Timetonote. The gadget will display a "Save email" button below each email in your Google Apps Gmail account.

With just a click of this button you can save the email in Timetonote. Once the email is saved, the button will disable itself and indicate that the email was saved with a "Email saved" button text.

When saving an email, the gadget will read both the email sender and recipient(s), it will then search for them in Timetonote (by email address) and will link them to this email. If the contacts are not found in Timetonote, they are automatically created.

The gadget will now save emails as HTML so you will now see the rich HTML email in Timetonote, and not just the plain text version.

Save/View Contact

A new "Save contact" button has been added to the gadget. This button enables you to just save the contact(i.e. the email sender or recipient) in Timetonote and not the email.

The gadget will initially read both the sender and the recipient of the email and will figure out which is the Timetonote user (based on your Timetonote user email address) and which is the "client". It will then search by email for the "client" contact in Timetonote. If it does not find one it will display a "Save contact" button, and if it finds one it displays a "View contact" button.

The "View Contact" button will expand the Gmail Gadget with full contact details, history, tasks and links. You can also add new notes, tasks and links in the gadget expanded view.

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  1. Hi, could gmail gadgets be enabled for, well, "gmail" ?

    We use "gmail" accounts primarily and not google apps accounts.

    Thanks for your revert in advance.