Monday, December 5, 2011

Merge Contacts

If you have duplicate contacts in your Timetonote account, you can now select them and merge them. Go to the contacts page, and under "More options", you'll find a new option: Merge Contacts.

Merge contacts will merge into one contact all data from all the contacts selected to be merged, i.e. the contact information, labels, links, tasks, notes and emails.

As limitations, you can only merge people with people and companies with companies. And you can not merge two, or more, contacts that all have associated users.

Thank you for using Timetonote.


  1. Hi, I am currently evaluating TTN and I love its simplicity. However, I am wondering if there is any feature that allows me to run reports. Say if I want to report on projects, which are open, closed, or run reports based on "contacts", etc. Can this be done with TTN?. Please advise.


  2. this is a fantastic feature - thank you.