Tuesday, November 29, 2011

New Feature: Links

There is a new big feature in Timetonote: Links. This feature enables you to link any person, company or project to any other person, company or project in Timetonote. You can use this feature to link related items together with relationships that make sense to you.

Links are bidirectional, so when you link two objects together you'll see the link between the two on both object's pages. Each link has an associated relationship name and a description. A few example relationships are: "customer", "supplier", "colleague", "referred by", "subsidiary", etc.

How it works
On the right side panel on person, company and project pages you'll now see two new widgets. One to add a new link and one with the list of all links for this person, company or project:

To add a new link, click "+ Add a new link" button, and start typing the name of the item you want to link to, and select it from the list. The "relationship" and "description" fields are optional.

Note that when you link two items of the same type together, for example two people, to be able to give a direction to the link, the relationship will include the items names as: [From item name] relationship [To item name]. This is how the relationship will be displayed on both "From" and "To" item pages. For example, to link Bob as the parent of "John", link Bob to John and input as relationship "is the parent of", this will result in this text: "Bob is the parent of John" to be displayed as relationship on both Bob's and John's page.

The links list widget displays all links from and to the current item. The items are grouped under "People", "Companies" and "Projects". You can edit and delete all links as long as you have the permission to do so.

For people, on the edit person page, you can select a default linked company. When you select a default linked company for a person, it will be displayed in the list on the contacts page under "Title" and "Company" columns and will also be included when exporting contacts.

Previously, people had only a title and a company. And, on the company page you could see a list of people in the company. These have changed so that a person title and company is now converted to a link from the person to the company and the title as the relationship name. If the person had only a title and no company, the title is now added as a custom field to the person, yet it is still being displayed on the contacts list page under the "Title" column. The "People in this company" widget is now replaced by the links list widget.

Thank you for using Timetonote.

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