Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gadget new feature: Add this email in Timetonote

If you don't like to forward emails you receive from your customers to Timetonote, there is an easier way now to add those emails into Timetonote: just click the "Add this email in Timetonote" link in the Gmail gadget:

When you click on "Add this email in Timetonote" the email you're currently viewing in Gmail gets added to the Timetonote contact's history. The email is shared, by default, in the same group as that of the contact. You can also edit the email in the gadget and change the group, the date, or attach the email to a project.

However, there are two limitations to this feature. First, only the first one thousand characters of the email body are grabbed and added into Timetonote, and second, the email attachments are not added.

To use this feature all you have to do is add Timetonote to your Google Domain. If you've already added Timetonote to your Google Domain, follow these steps:
1. Go to your Google Domain management page.
2. Locate the "Timetonote" application and click on "View and grant access":

3. Then, click on "Grant data access" to grant Timetonote access to the new data requirements.

Thank you for using Timetonote.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A new user interface for Timetonote

As you've already seen for some time now, the user interface of the application has been updated to make the app easier to interact with. Among other improvements:

A new navigation widget was added to the left of the screen. All navigation links are now in one place and everything is now one click away, If before you needed to go through an extra page to get to the desired page (for example add a person when on a person's page) you're now one click away, regardless of the current page. You can also search the history, for a contact or project from the left navigation as well.

Cleaner layout and more screen space for the displayed page. The old right side bar and the top tabs were removed to make room for the important thing, which is the actual page being displayed.

Updated contact and project pages. Including a collapsible add note widget and the ability to apply labels to the contact or project on this page as well.

The gadget contact page was updated. The same new contact page is now displayed in the gadget as well. This means you can now apply or remove labels to contacts right in the gadget.

More options under "Settings". Language, timezone and the option to change your username and password are now under the "Settings" page.

One more thing, Timetonote has a Facebook page now. Become a fan, ask questions, suggest features and share with your friends:

Thank you for all your support and for using Timetonote,