Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Feature: Sharing Data in Timetonote

One of the most requested features is here: sharing data in Timetonote.

Until now, all data in Timetonote was visible to all the users in your account. With this, very easy to use, new feature, you have control over who you want to see the data in Timetonote. You're now able to share people, companies, notes, emails and tasks with only the groups of users you want.

Here's how it works:

On the top right corner of the screen there is now a "Groups" link. On the Groups page you can define the groups in your organization and the member users for those groups. You can think of groups as departments in your organization. For example you might have a "Sales", "Management" and "Technical" departments. Each department has a number of people in it, and so do groups. One person can be part of multiple groups. Note that, on the Groups page, you can only see and manage the groups that you've created. Here's how this page can look:

After you've created your groups you can start to share data with the people in these groups. You'll now see a "Share with:" option when you add or edit people, companies, notes, emails and tasks in Timetonote. This option will show you only the groups that you are a member of.

You can select either "Everyone" or a group that you want to share a specific entity with. Only the users in that group will than be able to see that specific entity. For example, you might create a new lead contact and you'll want to share it only with the "Sales" group. Or, you might post a note with a file attachment that you only want users in the "Management" group to see.

You can even create a "Private" group that only has you as a member. This way, you'll be able to add private data in Timetonote, i.e. that only you can see. No other user can view your group or add him/her self as a member to your group to view your data.

To make it easier to see which data is shared with everyone and which is only to a specific group, you'll see a lock icon right next to people, companies, notes, tasks or emails that are only shared with a group.

Your feedback

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this new feature, other features or any other Timetonote questions! You can use the forum or you can send me an email at lucianbaciu@timetonote.com.
Also, if you like this feature and if you like Timetonote, please support Timetonote and write a few words on the Google Apps Marketplace.



  1. This is fantastic. Now we can move to a Paid account! Give us mobile access as well.

  2. Can you import contacts that are only shared in a GROUP or do you have to select share with one by one?

  3. When importing, you specify the group under which all the contacts in the import batch are imported.

  4. If you set a company or contact as only visible to a certain group, will any emails, notes, or tasks associated with that contact/company automatically be visible only to the group or do you have to tag each task/note/email individually as visible only to that group?

  5. Yes, emails, notes or tasks associated with a contact will be shared by default to the same group as the contact's.