Monday, September 13, 2010

Flexible Contacts Import

The fixed CSV format for importing contacts proved to be a slow down for lots of people. Therefor, a simpler and more flexible approach was needed.

On the contacts import page you'll now be able to import contacts basically from any CSV file, and you will no longer have to edit the CSV file to match a predefined custom format. The only requirement now is for the CSV file is to have a headers row. After you upload your file you'll get a chance to map CSV header columns to Timetonote contact fields.

The mapping works best with Outlook CSV formats, so if you want to import contacts from Gmail into Timetonote, first, export them in Outlook format from Gmail.

After you've assigned and verified all CSV file headers, Timetonote will notify you of any possible duplicate contacts resulting from the import (i.e. existing contacts in Timetonote that have the same name as contacts you want to import). You'll have two options to handle duplicate contacts, you can either update existing Timetonote contacts with contact data from the import file or just skip the duplicate contacts.

Thank you for using Timetonote.

Batch Operations for Contacts

Something you've requested since very early on were batch operations for contacts. And now, since a few days ago, the first batch operations for contacts are available.

The contacts are now presented as a list on the contacts page each having an associated check box. Check for those you want to apply a batch operation. For now, there are two batch operations. First is apply and remove labels and second is delete contacts. Log in and give it a try, if you haven't already.

Other batch operations will follow soon.