Friday, May 21, 2010

Dropbox updates

Here are some of the recent updates you can see in Timetonote related to the dropbox:

Timetonote now searches by email for your Timetonote contact(s) to attach the emails you send to your dropbox.

Click a contact email in Timetonote and your Gmail or Google Apps Gmail will open with the contact's email and your dropbox fields filled up for you. Just write the email and send. To set up what email to open when you click a contact's email, go to your Settings page:

Create tasks via the dropbox. Replace the "dropbox" in your dropbox address with "task+today", for example: Other possible values are: task+tomorrow, task+thisweek, task+nextweek, and task+later. You can write the task text either in the email subject or body, or both. For example:

Thank you for using Timetonote.

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