Thursday, April 29, 2010

Contacts Sync Updated

The Contacts Sync feature has been greatly improved. One the most important changes to contacts sync is the ability to re-sync. This basically means that after you create and run a sync for the first time, to keep your contacts up to date you only need to re-sync. Re-sync will only scan for new or updated contacts in Timetonote or Gmail, making re-sync very fast. Other sync updates include:
  • The ability to select the Google groups that you want to sync with Timetonote. For example, you could have a "Business" and a "Personal" group in Google, in this case you would probably want to only sync the contacts in your "Business" group.
  • The groups of a Google contact are now translated as labels in Timetonote.
  • You can select a Google group where sync will place new contacts in Google, and you can define a label to apply to new contacts in Timetonote.
  • Contacts sync now supports Google Apps Domain Shared Contacts. Note that Domain Shared Contacts API is only available to Google Apps Premier and Education editions.
  • An email will be sent to you when the sync is complete.
  • Contacts Sync is now available only to admin users and premium accounts.
Enjoy, and thank you for using Timetonote.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Notification: Upcoming scheduled maintenance periods April 28th, 2010 and May 5th, 2010

There will be two upcoming (App Engine) maintenance periods:

April 28th, 2010: 1pm-2pm Pacific
May 5th, 2010: 1pm-2pm Pacific

Timetonote will not work during this periods.

Thank you,

Friday, April 9, 2010

Import/Export contacts works with labels now

The import/export contacts feature was updated with functionality that you requested. These are the updates:

For import contacts:
- Import contacts now supports importing labels for contacts. You can now add contact labels in the import CSV file, one label per column. These labels will be set to your contacts in Timetonote when you import them. If you're importing a Gmail contacts file, the contact groups will be imported as labels in Timetonote. Both system and user defined groups will be imported.
- To notify you when the contacts import is complete Timetonote will send you an email.

For export contacts:
- Export contacts is now available only to admin users.
- You can now choose who do you want to export. You can either export everyone, or you can select the contacts to export by label.
- Contacts labels are now included in the export file. Each label is assigned a column in the CSV file so that you can easily filter your contacts by label in Excel.

Thanks for using Timetonote.

Friday, April 2, 2010

New in Timetonote: Filter contacts or projects by multiple labels

You can now filter your Timetonote contacts or projects by multiple labels. This is especially useful as the number of contacts or projects in your account increases as well as the number of labels you set to contacts or projects.

To filter contacts by multiple labels click a label in the "Labels" widget, then simply click another label. Each displayed contact will have both of those labels. To start over with a new label, click the "start over" link displayed in the "Labels" widget when multiple labels are selected.