Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Timetonote is now running on Google App Engine

Timetonote has migrated to Google App Engine. And, two new features were added to the application.

First, and most importantly, you now have a login page to login into the application. There is a Login button on every page of the site. You no longer have to go to /a/[account URL] to login.

Second, when you create a task an email is sent to the responsible person informing him/her of the new task that was assigned to him/her.


  1. Nice one!!, I'm in Peru!, u in RO?

  2. Is TimeNote a good web application for a project manager?
    Can it manage inventory of projects and associated products and tasks?

  3. Timetonote is a collaboration tool aimed at teams that need a place to share their contacts and tasks and to keep track of conversations with their customers.